Dr. Charles Howard

A medical doctor striving to find the root cause of a troubling disorder.


Dr. Charles Howard is a young doctor in residency at the nearby regional hospital. He is a competent doctor who is driven by his interest in medical pathology and his desire to discover, understand, and cure the ailments of his patients. He is smart, methodical, principled, and doesn’t allow anyone to stand in the way of helping his patients. His investigations, and his general world view, are based around understanding the physical, deterministic, causes of human illness in a rational universe. He does not subscribe to, nor tolerate, the antiquated theories of evil spirits or other such nonsense as the causes of disease.

Connection to the Investigation

Dr. Howard was involved in the treatment of Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee and is concerned about the causes of his illness and whether they may pose a threat to others.

Sources of Stability

Dr. Julian Lewis

Dr. Lewis is Charles Howard’s medical supervisor at the hospital. He is a strict, demanding, and fiercely professional by-the-book supervisor. Although he may not be a close friend, and often poses an obstacle to Charles’ more audacious investigative style, he is an honest and dependable colleague who can be trusted for frank advice and assistance.

Shannon Randal

Ms. Randall is Charles’ on-again-off-again girlfriend of several years. She is a school teacher motivated by compassion and a desire to teach. Often she finds Charles to be overly cold and emotionally distant, but enjoys his curiosity and shares his fundamental desire to help others. In many ways she provides a counter-point and balance for Charles.

Mark Beggly

Mark is a long-time friend and former classmate of Dr. Howard. He is now a professor of Biology at Miskatonic University and often joins Charles for drinks after work and the occasional get-together.

Dr. Charles Howard

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