Algernon Sinclair

Artistic Dilletante



Architecture 1
Art History 4
Cthulhu Mythos 2
Geology 1
Languages 1
Law 2
Occult 2
Theology 1
Credit Rating 7
Flattery 4
Art 4
Athletics 8
Driving 5
Firearms 5
Health 10
Preparedness 10
Riding 5
Sanity 8
Stability 10
Sense Trouble 8
Weapons 5

Sources of Stability:

Astrid Sinclair, niece
Father Terrance O’Malley, Confessor
Charity McNeil, daughter of Howarth McNeil, Director of the Arkham Museum of Art

Pillars of Sanity:

The World is a Beautiful Place
Civilization is what keeps the
darkness away
The Cream rises to the top


Algernon Sinclair was born in 1902.

During the spring of 1925 he suffered from horrible dreams and considered suicide, but luckily they ceased in April.

Algernon Sinclair

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